Harley-Davidson Goth Opera Is a Fat Boy Gone Trike and Mad
Harley-Davidson Goth Opera Is a Fat Boy Gone Trike and Mad
16 Nov Custom

Nicknamed Goth Opera, possibly (or maybe not) after the Doctor Who novel by the same name, the contraption you see here is not one of those Harley trikes you can get off the shelf from dealerships today. No, this thing started life as a Fat Boy, only to go down the Frankenstein path courtesy of a Japanese custom shop called Bad Land.


The 2009 machine got its new body sometime in 2018. It is one of the most extreme transformations of a Fat Boy of this kind we’ve ever seen, and it’s all due to the beautiful pair of wheels and the extra body parts attached at the rear to really make it one of a kind.


The massive rear wheels (exact size was not disclosed) sit under twin Bad Land fenders. To either side of the bike, between the wheels and the main body, the ends of the one-off dual exhaust system are sticking out, appearing almost ready to spit fire out their tips. A sissy bar is located smack down the middle to ensure both symmetry, and a smoother trip for the people riding it.


Up front, the contraption got a new fender to shield the elegant, five-spoke wheel, and a complex LED headlight system to make itself more visible, if such a thing was needed, to people in traffic. Bad Land also added a home-brewed fuel tank, but also Ken's Factory grip, LED turn signals, and floorboard.


As usual, we’re not told how much the conversion cost to make, but expect the finished product to be worth much more than other customized trikes of this breed, that go on the pre-owned market for anywhere between $20,000 and $30,000.







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