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DAYTONA 350X2 by ZONTES : First look revealed Full specifications, pictures, and price.
DAYTONA 350X2 by ZONTES : First look revealed Full specifications, pictures, and price.
13 Jul 2022 First Look
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"The most important thing is not the destination but the journey itself, and the new DAYTONA 350X2 by Zontes aims to do just that: To make every trip, near or far, a special and unique experience. "Gifted" with rich travel equipment and the brand new engine of 348cc, the 350X2 removes any limitation to where you can go... With comprehensive protection from the designed full-body fairing and performance that expands its touring capabilities, the 350X2 invites you to travel!

Keyless System Gen 2.5


The new generation of the GEN 2.5 wireless keyless system offers a higher level of anti-theft security, thanks to its sophisticated encryption. The built-in HF antenna amplifies the transmitter signal, which is recognized by the motorcycle when it is within 1.5 meters of it. At the same time, the system has the IP67 international certification for its waterproofing, ensuring its trouble-free operation under all conditions, while the built-in sensor allows its operation and recognition, even when the battery level is low or when it has the battery is completely removed, it is enough to approach the key to the lowest point of the saddle from the right side. The central electric lock controls both the main switch, as well as the saddle and the gas cap.

Color TFT screen


The color screen with high resolution and brightness (HD – HB), is made with technology that allows a greater viewing angle and has automatic brightness level adjustment, depending on the lighting conditions in the environment. In addition, it has four different interfaces (Recreation, Race, Street, Simplicity) for the rider to personalize the appearance according to his preference, each with a separate thematic approach. In addition to the standard information it has, it also includes the tire temperature and pressure indication, thanks to the German technology TPMS sensors, as well as a complete recording of the motorcycle's data - even breakdowns - to keep the rider informed about the state of the vehicle of in real time.

Illuminated switches


As with all models in the factory range, the DAYTONA 350X2 features quality backlit switches that electrically control the fuel cap, steering wheel lock/unlock, saddle opening and seat height adjustment. gelatin, while they also have the IP67 certification for their level of waterproofing. The standard equipment also includes a dual USB QC3.0 port for fast charging of two devices at the same time, with each port capable of charging 18W power.

Two power modes

The central engine management unit (ECU) offers two separate performance mappings (ECO and SPORT), giving the rider a choice depending on their desired riding style and pace. The ECO Power Mode has a milder response and reduces fuel consumption, while the SPORT Power Mode with its more immediate response and explosiveness suits sportier driving rhythms fully living up to its name. An important setting of the system is that when ECO mode is selected, the ECU intervenes and temporarily changes the mapping to SPORT when the revs exceed 7,000, thus offering the rider the possibility to have at his disposal his most lively character engine, when for example he wants to make an overtaking or in some emergency situation that may arise.

LED technology


All the lighting bodies of the 350X2 are LED technology, with the projectors on the front of the fairing giving a special look to the bike, making it instantly recognizable and distinctive, while at the same time offering a wide and natural beam of light throughout the rider's field of vision.

Dual channel Bosch ABS


As far as the brakes are concerned, they consist in front of a radial caliper from the Spanish J.Juan, now owned by the Brembo company after its acquisition, with four pistons working with a 320mm disc in front and behind a caliper and another disc 265mm. The brake package is completed by Bosch dual-channel ABS, raising even higher the safety levels it offers.



Inside the tubular steel frame is the all-new design single-cylinder, four-bolt, twin-overhead camshaft, liquid-cooled engine (same as the 350T2, V350 and 350R1), which produces 39.5 hp at 9,500 rpm and a peak torque of 32.8 Nm at 7,500 rpm. revs respectively, thanks also to the high compression ratio with a ratio of 12.3:1. It is an engine designed from white paper, with super square dimensions of 84.5mm x 62mm and a wet sump lubrication system. The injection comes from the latest generation of Bosch injectors, ensuring proper fuel management, while generator efficiency has been increased while reducing operating temperature and required maintenance intervals. At the same time, it also combines low consumption, employing the most modern machining technologies, metal processing and casting methods. For example, the uncoated cylinder has thin walls, thanks to the aluminum casting method developed by the factory, which allows for wider coolant passages and, by extension, better heat dissipation. The transmission is six-speed, while the clutch is one-way, contributing to the predictable behavior of the motorcycle in downshifts.

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