These Are The 10 Best Indian And Victory Motorcycles Ever Made
These Are The 10 Best Indian And Victory Motorcycles Ever Made
09 Sep 2022 Interesting
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These two all-American brands have produced some of the coolest motorcycles on the market that slid under many enthusiasts's radars.


Indian Motorcycle and Victory Motorcycles are two American manufacturers consistently overshadowed by Harley-Davidson, despite producing some of the most impressive motorcycles we've seen. Owned by Polaris, the Victory Motorcycles brand was discontinued in 2017. Indian Motorcycle was acquired by Polaris in 2011. But whether it be a classic like the Indian Scout or a touring beast like the Victory Cross Country Tour, both companies have excited us with their models.

When you take a detailed look at a bike like the Victory Octane, you soon discover a motorcycle that can leave other bikes in its wake. Or otherwise, when you find out everything there is to know about a bike like the Indian FTR Championship Edition, you soon uncover an awesome flat-track racing record. Whatever the motorcycle, both these companies deliver. Let's check out the best Indian and Victory motorcycles.

10. Let's start with a classy, modern take on an Indian classic. The Indian Chief has always been a cherished favorite for many riders. The Indian Chief Bobber captures that, yet brings this ride into the technological present. HotCars contributor Bassem Girgis had a chance to test-ride the Indian Chief Bobber, saying that this bike was "as close to the full package as you can get in terms of a small/medium-sized cruiser."


The Indian Chief Bobber is powered by the Thunderstroke 111, delivering 108 lbs-ft of torque. It offers an old-bobber design while having technological sweeteners such as cruise control, keyless ignition, and three ride modes.

9. We loved the Vegas, but the Victory Vegas Jackpot is the custom version. Victory promoted the Vegas Jackpot as being "built with the same American innovation and grit that built a nation."


The Vegas Jackpot was powered by a 106 cu in Freedom V-Twin engine, mated with a six-speed transmission. It has an appealing look with an eye-catching paint job, which matches the chrome touches. Other features include the 250mm rear tire and its low-slung demeanor.

8. The Indian Scout has the longevity to prove its worth. It may have started over a hundred years ago as a 37 cu in side-valve V-twin, but it soon evolved, where now we are experiencing the power of a 69-cu in V-Twin, churning out 100 horsepower.


The chrome features and the smooth lines of its design enamor us, with its Black Metallic paint job. The 2022 Indian Scout starts at $13,249 (MSRP). But then consider the rest of the Indian Scout family, such as the Indian Scout Bobber.

7. In the mid-aughts, Victory Motorcycles may have come out with the Hammer, but the Hammer S was a sportier version, with an eye for performance. It has a 1731-cc engine delivering 97 hp matched with a six-speed transmission.


The design exudes the muscle and confident demeanor we love, along with its blacked-out styling. Other features include the 250-mm rear tire and its inverted front forks.

6. The Indian FTR Championship Edition is a celebration of Indian Motorcycle's successful flat track racing. But these bikes are limited-editions, with only 400 available around the world.


The 2022 Indian FTR Championship Edition features carbon fiber bodywork, titanium Akrapovič exhaust mufflers, a fully-adjustable suspension setup, and a race-performance powerplant that delivers 120 hp and 87 ft-lbs of torque.

5. Powered by an 1179-cc engine, churning out 104 horsepower, the Victory Octane was a cruiser designed to perform. It shares a lot in common with the Indian Scout but has a larger engine with more power.


When you can reach top speeds of 130 mph, you know you are riding a mean beast. It has the muscle, but it also has the attitude and the menacing looks.

4. We mentioned the latest Indian Chief Bobber, but the Indian Chief legacy cannot be ignored. It has evolved. Following on from the successful 'Powerplus', the 1922 Indian Chief started a new era. By the forties, we were witnessing the large fenders. In 1950, we were seeing the Chief sporting telescopic forks. But now we get to experience the latest Indian Chief.


What makes the 2022 Indian Chief so awesome is its Thunderstroke 111 powerplant, the simple but punchy design with its bobbed fenders, and its confident, assertive ride.

3. The Victory Judge is a cruiser with a stylish design and a confident, sporty look, while still flexing its own muscle.


Powered by a 106-cu in Freedom V-Twin engine with 113 lb-ft of torque, the Victory Judge delivers. It also features drag bars and mid-mounted controls.

2. Indian Chieftain Dark Horse has everything you need to hit the open. This beast is powered by Thunderstroke 116 V-Twin engine. It has the responsive handling and agility we want, but also the 18-plus gallons of cargo space to store what we need.


The Indian Chieftain Dark Horse offers all the technological features we desire, such as cruise control, keyless ignition, ABS, and locking saddlebags, not to mention the three ride modes.

1. The Victory Cross Country Tour is another bike built to cruise the highways. Powered by the 106-cu in Freedom V-Twin, the Victory Cross Country Tour offers a massive 41-gallons of storage space, and delivers a sleek yet clean look, while giving the rider all the perks for a comfortable ride.


Victory Motorcycles and Indian Motorcycle have delivered some awesome rides over the years. Whether it be a cruiser like the Indian Chief Bobber or a touring beast like the Victory Cross Country Tour, the biker can look forward to a memorable riding experience.

Credit: hotcars

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  • Brian Omaley 15 Sep 2022
    Leaving out the Victory Highball? Stock out of the gate is what Harley people spend $1000s on today after buying their bike to make it look that way. The ape hangers, the Matt black finish, and the white wall spoked wheels. A timeless look that is still sought after today by many with different brands.
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