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2023 BMW 1300GS sighted on test drives New insights on travel enduro
2023 BMW 1300GS sighted on test drives New insights on travel enduro
22 Nov First Look
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In 1923, when BMW founded its motorcycle brand with the R32 and also its tradition of boxer engines, few imagined that a century later this type of motorcycle would be the world's most successful large motorcycle: the GS. Exactly 40 years after the premiere of the R80 G/S, the latest evolution of the Bavarian travel enduro makes its debut in 2023 during the company's hundredth anniversary. According to photos of a prototype, which is partially covered, the BMW R1300 GS, as it will likely be called, is currently being developed in Munich under the abbreviation KA1.


The 1300 GS on secret voting trips

It was now possible for photographers to capture photographs of a pre-series motorcycle while it was barely camouflaged during secret voting trips, giving a glimpse of the almost completed motorcycle for the first time. It seems that Bosch contributed off-road ABS to the tests.

The engine on this prototype caught our attention, since it seems to be a completely new development, not a modified version of the current drive. The tried and tested Shift Cam variable valve control will remain. In fact, the most important change is the total absence of cooling fins on the cylinders of the current GS generation's air-cooled boxer engine. Therefore, the drive of the BMW R1300 GS will be fully water-cooled. A combination of noise emissions and future emission standards is likely to have caused this new development. Additionally, it appears that the boxer engine will be converted to dry sump lubrication in the future, which offers advantages in high-speed off-road operations. Besides increased displacement, torque and nominal power are also expected to rise. The exact power output is still unknown, but between 140 and 150 hp comes as no surprise given the competition, particularly Ducati's Multistrada V4.


The weight as a big question mark of the new BMW travel enduro

It is very surprising to see the drive integrated as a supporting part in the cast aluminum frame, with the mounting points clearly visible. A cast aluminium case mount attaches to the matching rear frame. Swing arms have also been newly developed, still with integrated cardan drives. By combining these measures, the current model will definitely lose weight. In the future, the BMW R1300 GS will be lighter, undercutting the 243kg total weight of the Multistrada V4, and therefore slimming down by at least 7 kg, but that is speculation so far.


BMW R 1300 GS with extensive electronics package

BMW has also packed its slimmer construction with a slimmer design, at least the prototype looks more compact. There seems to be less suspension travel. However, familiar styling elements will also return in the next GS. Whether this applies also to the well-known asymmetrical front lamp cannot yet be estimated since this is the only area where the test bike shown is consistently camouflaged. It appears that the characteristic duckbill and telelever are still present. As far as this prototype is concerned, active aerodynamic parts, such as the ones BMW patented for large drives in spring 2022, are still a long way off. Among the technical goodies are cornering lights.


Presentation probably already next year

These elements will certainly be shared by all three future models of the GS family: namely the R1300 GS, which will be presented later this year. In addition, the BMW R1400 GS will follow a little later, which will probably be the top model of the family with a bit more displacement, more torque, and better performance, replacing the BMW R1250 GS Adventure. We're also expecting an M1300 GS, which like its main competitor, the 1290 Super Adventure R, will have a 21-inch wheel with wire-spoke rims, deep-tread tires, and more suspension travel. But the latter two models won't be ready for the market until 2024 at the earliest.

2023 BMW 1300GS sighted on test drives New insights on travel enduro.
Credit : 1000ps.at

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