Is the Honda CBR 1100 Super Blackbird XX making a comeback?
Is the Honda CBR 1100 Super Blackbird XX making a comeback?
06 Mar Rumors
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Patent files registered by manufacturers usually don’t mean anything. Many of the patent files we’ve seen don’t reach production. It’s just a way to prevent an idea to be used by a rival manufacturer.

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A few weeks before EICMA Milan Motorcycle Show, a set of patent files from Honda was brought to the public. On those files, we saw that the Japanese brand was working on active aerodynamic wings for the new CBR 1000 RR-R Fireblade alongside special aerodynamic mirrors.

But to the surprise of many, Honda didn’t use any of those things on the new superbike.

Now, the British website Bennetts, reveals new patent files that show a new aerodynamic package. This one uses no less than eight aerodynamic wings!

The schematics used in this patent use a motorcycle fairing that resembles a lot like the extinct CBR 1100 Super Blackbird XX. Is the Honda CBR 1100 Super Blackbird XX making a comeback?

Well, Honda might just be studying the idea of using more and more wings on their bikes. But using so many wings on a sport-tourer like the Super Blackbird XX makes sense.

The new generation can use the powerful engine seen on the new CBR 1000 RR-R Fireblade. With 217 hp, this inline-four engine can get a bump in displacement. Probably up to 1100 cc or 1200 cc.

Power shouldn’t be so high like on the Fireblade. The Super Blackbird XX should have around 200 hp. The best part is the torque curve, much better on low to mid-rpm.

Using so many wings on a bike makes sense, especially if the bike reaches high speeds. The original CBR 1100 Super Blackbird XX was amongst the fastest sport-touring bikes when Honda showed her for the first time.

That first generation clocked 287 km/h. Honda decided to stop production in 2005. So, and with a new and faster generation coming, it makes perfect sense that Honda is studying a new aerodynamic pack for such a motorcycle.

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