Honda CBR 600F4i - *HURACAN*
Honda CBR 600F4i - *HURACAN*
27 Jan 2021

Stuck caliper

The next time when you change the back brake pads on my motorcycle stuck caliper. And so, step by step, what to do when the wedge caliper. And how to prevent it in the future.

In order to perform all the work required Ring Spanners
The key 12mm, 14mm, 8mm For replacement pads — flat screwdriver with powerful slot and hexagon 5mm.

Before removing weaken both bolts. A 12mm wrench, Unscrew the back of the guide, she holds the caliper to the bracket. Key 14mm twist the second bolt, he is the guide and the front (which I have actually stuck). A larger bolt can be turned out, and crawl to him interferes with the muffler (the head is not to be used) and the brake hose. Socket has a small range of rotation, but as soon as the bolt comes out of its socket, the pipe interferes less. If the bolt lends itself to easy, it is more convenient to twist it, holding a caliper in his hand.

Before you remove the caliper you need to remove the brackets holding the brake line and hagger (use 8mm wrench):

Duster front rail is also removable. Clean the dust boot and bushing guide, stuffed with fresh grease. A lot of grease in the bushing to fill don't need all the extra squeeze. Better how to wash old grease.

Here are the bolts (the upper bolt-guide rail, front) and the rear guide rail before I washed them

After removing the caliper, carefully extract the anthers of the guides. On my motorcycle rubber in good condition, nothing cracked

The guides washed in petrol (or in the fluid which you better ). And fill them with grease. I used thermal grease Castrol — when the caliper is heated significantly, and better ensure that the grease continued to operate at high temperatures.

Replace the grease in the guides of the calipers is recommended each time you replace the brake pads. Don't forget that. Otherwise you risk overheating the brake disc. A brake disc is a lot more expensive pads.

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