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Good perfomance in Finland ends in crash and injury.
Honda CBR 600RR - Road Racing
Honda CBR 600RR - Road Racing
01 Oct 2017

Good perfomance in Finland ends in crash and injury.

It's been a while since i've posted something, but we're back, and i hope stronger then before.
My last post was about the road to Finland.
Halfway Juli we've been on a long trip to Finland to ride on the street races of Imatra.
The trip was long (30 houres on the boat and 8 houres in the car) but it was really worth it.
Beautifull country, really nice people it was a big joy.

The weekend went well, we had lots of change in setup of the bike! the race before was in a flat Holland on new asphalt! Now in Imatra the road was a lot more 'bumpy', flying over a train track, and the bends where more stop and go.
After the first qualifications Ilja felt quite confident on the track and his bike. We made a lot of meters because we drove the open class as well as the IRRC, for that last one he qualified 7th place.

Saturday afternoon was the first race of the open class, but because of a crash of an other driver, and not great action of the marshalls, was a lot of sand on the track so they stopped the race and did a restart.
Now he was in better position of the headgroup and could better keep up with them. Unfurtunally his bike wasn't as quick as the other ones, and after a great fight for 5th place he had to give it away in the last round to finish as 6th.
That night we had to do a lot of mecanics on the bike, this circuit asks a lot of the bike and his technics so we had to check it all the way ( in the end of the weekend 8 engines blew and 3 clutched where burned).

Sunday was a great day, ended 4th afer a great fight but couln't keep up with the fast material in the head group.

The last race was a long wait because there was really a lot of oil on the track, so they had to clean it up.
After an hour wait we could finally take place on the start grid.
Ilja had a great fight with one of the locals, for 5th place..

Too bad for him in the second last corned he went a lit too eager.. He wanted to pass the other guy by late braking, there for he came a little too fast in the next corner, and a bit too wide, maybe there was some dirt on the track, who knows.. The front of the bike started to shake and bump as hell, he tried to steer the bike on to an other piece of road, tried to break, but nothing worked.. He collapsed in to an air fence with quite a high speed..they say he jumped off the bike before the crash.. I think were glad he did because he was quite lucky he only broke his foot.

The bike was in quite a different state.. The weeks after we found out, among other things, the front axle, front wheel, steering stem, they where all bent.. After that we didn't know where to search, but we found some help from a frame builder. He found out the frame whas quite swapped around.

Glad to tell you the bike is finally done and ready to race again!! Too bad the season was done for us! Next year we'll be back... Way stronger and faster!!

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  • Jacqueline 01 Oct 2017
    You will succeed! cool and thanks =) have a video?
    • Caljouw Racing 02 Oct 2017 author
      Jacqueline, Thank you! you mean a video of the crash? It was a very busy place with a big tribune, so i guess there is, i just contacted one of the locals in Imatra last week, he's working on getting a video over there!
      I have some onboard footage, only unfortunatly the battery was dead for the end of the race.
  • Caljouw Racing 02 Oct 2017 author

    Found this one on youtube, not of the crash but you'll recognize the purple bike, in the begin, fighting with the green Kawasaki ;)
    • Jacqueline 02 Oct 2017
      Caljouw Racing, Thank you!
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