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Actually gutted!
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Well this happened in my way home from work.. Dunno if its a right off but safe to say I'm not biking for a while so it gets sorted, She didn't want me to go through insurance but not realising there'... more
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Crashed my bike
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Now I have to find some parts... That's what happens when you brake too hard on a wet track...... more
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We are victims!
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Hello friends! I hasten to share the joyful news - the investigation about the accident finally is beginning to happen! 2 weeks ago it was admitted, that I and my Kawasaki became victims in the accide... more
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Big-big troubles....
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Preparation for the trip was well under way. 7 days before departure on Friday, 8 July. I went to wash the motorcycle before I started to pack it for a long-range trip, change filter oil, cables, rubb... more
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Gone baby gone
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Sad to say this beautiful black beast has gone to the moto gods as of august last year following a nasty crash I had down south. She lives on in my head and is superseded by her redheaded sister!... more
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#thiswashonda 1989 Honda Bros 650 scrambler
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I'm OK... a few bruises and abrasions. the insurance paid half the cost of the bike...ride safe!... more
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August 12, 2015, I woke up like every morning except we had plans to go ride. We took our children to the sitters, geared up, met one of my exe's friends and we started. It was a slow relaxing ride,... more
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