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The last days of summer in Wales
Honda CMX 500 Rebel
Honda CMX 500 Rebel
27 Dec 2017

The last days of summer in Wales

Quite a long time ago I wanted to go and see Snowdonia. So I found like-minded people, free time, asked permission from my wife, and started organizing the trip!

First of all, we found a company where we can rent motorcycles. Ironically, with the bike it was not as easy as with a car. There is already a certain range of large companies across the country, where you can easily take a car in one place and return it in another. It's not like that at all with motorcycles. We found a dozen small companies that do not rent a lot of motorcycles. We had to look carefully to find the motorcycles we needed at a reasonable price. In the end, we found a small family business, or rather a garage with two brothers, who buy, service and rent their motorcycles themselves.

We liked the BMW 1200RS, Yamaha 700 Tracer and Ducati Multistrada 1200.

We immediately agreed on the dates, additional bags and navigators. Then we shook hands and went home to plan a trip.

I realized that motorcyclists in the UK, and probably everywhere, are not the most technically advanced people, so the search for an interesting route on the Internet turned into nothing. Pieces of information, vague recommendations in various forums, and that’s all. In general, nothing is clear for those who are "for the first time."

So I turned to the magazines. I can mention Ride, Bike and of course Adventure Bike Rider as the most interesting. The last one was extremely useful, because it is in fact a collection of routes and articles with reviews.

Also Adventure Bike Rider magazine once worked with TomTom, and provided a lot of pre-installed routes for TomTom Rider 450.

Accidentally we found also routes for cyclists.

Taking all information into account, and renting hotels for each day, we connected the hotels among themselves in such a way that they covered the most interesting places from the routes we found, and the duration of the trip took about 5 hours.

The day X came, and we went for our motorcycles. After signing all papers, filling out insurance and paying around £2,000 for a person — we got our motorcycles.

As it was already evening - we went to Wales, on the shortest route to the first hotel. We synchronized rented navigators with our routes, and went to bed.

The next day we were already in Wales.

The navigator was tuned to the most twisty roads, with the most dramatic elevations. It is not surprising that at some point we found ourselves on a narrow forest path, which got wet a little bit at night. And our friend, for some reason, decided to go in the middle, between the tracks. Of course, he fell.

As it turned out, there were trackers on motorcycles, so we were carefully followed.
The owners immediately called us and explained, that we had to return Ducati motorcycle, and someone would come the next day and take it back.

Just the two of us continued the trip.

Wooden bridge, you should pay 1$ to get across it.

Suddenly, somewhere in the field we found a functioning phone booth and a mailbox. There is no even a soul around. It's funny that they take mail from the mailbox twice a week.

During our trip we met cyclists of all ages. People come from all over the country to ride in Wales on the bikes.

One of these days we got the rain, but I was ready for it.

In Wales, just like in other countries of the UK, a lot of sheep.

The only advice we were given is to try not to run into the sheep's sh*t. In the evening the whole motorcycle was carefully greased them.

Goodbye, faithful friend!

And here's the naked Ducati. Count the losses.

Drop on a motorcycle at a cost of £2328, but insurance is covered.
The trip is 6 days. 750 miles.
Motorbike rental : £355.
Rental hotels : £225
Gasoline + Coffee, I can not say exactly.
I loved it!a lot of emotions, I'm starting to plan a trip to Ireland.

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