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Random pics, need the sun to return soon.
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When I’m most happy, 2 wheels!!!... more
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Hello everyone, I'm new here.
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Hello, my name is Roman, I have been living in Illinois since 1990. I've been riding a motorcycle since 2002. drove about 130,000 miles across the US. Until 2002, I thought that only crazy people ride... more
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Exhaust Leak Fixed
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Exhaust stripped back, resprayed and looking as new. Test it out next weekend.... more
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Gopro hero black 8 test footage
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Sunday afternoon wind therapy on the m109r in katy Texas testing the new gopro hero black 8 after returning the gopro max... more
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Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride
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Just received my Hedon helmet from The Distinguished gentleman’s ride! Looks bloody awesome!... more
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Aviemore, Scotland 2019
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Heading home from Thunder in the Glen Dunedin Chapter.... more
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Best Cartridge For Front Forks
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Looking to replace the OEM front springs with cartridges. Looking for something that does not jar your body over a manhole cover. Important to me is dampening and rebound. Price is important however I... more
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The history of my Suzuki Desperado 800X
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This history proves that there are motorcycles that you do not want to sell, but want to keep and ride for many years. This happens rarely, but... It was 2007. As often happens, I did not plan to buy... more
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Remade the next Honda Magna 250 ..
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In winter, I was inspired by the game of Halo for another rework of my cruiser in a cruiser unusual and for every day. And the paint that was suitable after the Izh remained :)!I started in February a... more
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Once again about Magna 250
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I will not be the first who shared their impressions of the average Magna, but I really want to support! It was my favorite bike during 4 seasons. I'm happy! Good and reliable motorcycle! There were a... more
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New bike
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Buyimg this yamaha xvs650 classic for my first bike what ya think.... more
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Autumn is a great time to buy a motorcycle. Yamaha XVS 950A Midnight Star - review.
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Having left two seasons on my Dnepr Falcon and Brigadier, I suddenly felt the need for something more heavy, powerful, and with a fundamentally different approach to motor-building than the Soviet one... more
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Thank you for 3 exciting seasons!
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This post seems to be a real declaration of love! So I'll just show you what a motorcycle I had. I got it in full set and for two seasons I brought it to such a set, that when I decided to sale it, I... more
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4300 km on the old Honda Oldwing
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A few pics from my first trip.... more
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1982 Honda GL1100 Gold Wing «Oldwing»
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To your attention a small article about the process of building: Always had the idea to drive an old classic motorcycle. So looking CB500 1975, W650 Kawasaki, Yamaxa XS650 1972... but that's not what... more
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The last days of summer in Wales
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Quite a long time ago I wanted to go and see Snowdonia. So I found like-minded people, free time, asked permission from my wife, and started organizing the trip! First of all, we found a company wher... more
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How to reupholster motorcycle seat?
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I searched for a workshop, where I could reupholster my seat, for a long time, as I have two left hands. But suddenly there was free time, and there was nothing to do. So I decided to try it myself, a... more
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A short trip 200 miles
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Made a short video about the trip which I wrote in my blog... more
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The first 600 miles
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Well, that came the time of the first service after 600 miles. Of which 400 miles of city driving and 200 outside the city. I would like to summarize my experience with the motorcycle during this time... more
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Service the chain without a swingarm stand and the Central pegs
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I think many faced with the problem of the lack of a central kickstand of the motorcycle. On a CMX500 Honda Rebel, like most cruisers, such kickstand are not present, so you need to think how to mai... more
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Misted speedometer - first failure!
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As it turned out, the owners of new Honda Rebel CMX 300/500 for 2016-2017 divided into two types: those who have noticed that the speedometer pass water, which later condenses inside, and those who ha... more
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Shut up and take my money!
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After a year on the Honda CB125F, as I think I've gained enough experience to understand what this bike is little too small for me, and I want something more.And I began to choose. In my head I had th... more
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Rebel Films #RideAlong #10 She Rides!
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GS650 Films #Ride360 Episode 2 Millcreek Canyon
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The Rebel Films #rideAlong #9 "REBEL RABEL"
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