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2 months ago

Need help..

Trying to remove this caliper from the bracket, brake stay whatever.. Line is removed the 11mm bolt with grommet (pic 2) is fully backed out and the "pin" (pic 3) doesn't move!

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  • Saturdayswrench Feb 10 14:12 GTM
    Should just pull out, so must have become contaminated and corroded itself in place.....probably need some heat, which will wreck the rubber boot, but already it will be out ! Won't be working correctly as it is, anyway.
    • Claudia Feb 10 14:12 GTM Replied to Saturdayswrench
      I need a mini hydraulic jack to get in the gap... Or just buy a new.. I've tried all I can think of but I don't have a garage just basic tools
  • Miguel M. Feb 10 14:16 GTM
    Does the caliper move on the pin ?
    • Claudia Feb 10 14:18 GTM Replied to Miguel M.
      No it's completely stuck I've tried prying it with a bar and all sorts.. Gonna drill it out or cut it off is my next option 😂
  • Balint Feb 10 14:35 GTM
    Any rotational movement of the caliper on the pin at all ?
    • Claudia Feb 10 14:38 GTM Replied to Balint
      Under the seal the pin does look rusted so I've put loads of wd 40 on it and cleaned it.. I'll leave it to soak over night giving it a squirt before bed then ill pry it and twist at the same time.. But no rotational movement yet because its pulled in so tight
  • Trav Mar 04 12:56 GTM
    put pb blaster on it, let it sit a few hours, repeat for a few days.

    If that fails, heat with handheld propane torch (kind that goes on 1lbl propane bottles) and pry with bar.
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