Suzuki GSX 750 Katana - Second katana.
1 months ago

Back again

There was once a song that began, 'back once again with the renegade master' well I'm not sure about renegade or master but I'm back.
Realised while we are on lockdown and cleaning my hike that I haven't blogged in a while or actually since my accident in December.

I've a new bike now, a suzuki gsxf 750 and I absolutely adore it.
Lovely condition and it was a real bargain, not even hitting 20k on the clock yet and it's in great condition.
Really want to get a jet wash on it to clean the lower half and get the grease and grime off it.
Maybe summer ill get it all sorted out. For now it's bucket and sponge, polish and buff. But it comes up a treat.
Ridden through all the naff weather recently and now it's sunny we are on lockdown!
Just my luck!

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  • Wanda Rise Mar 26 16:50 GTM
    Congrats and ride safe!
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