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Honda CBR600F4i 06 - service maintenance
Honda CBR 600F4i
Honda CBR 600F4i
4w ago

Honda CBR600F4i 06 - service maintenance

The exterior inspection revealed only two minor snags:

lower brake fluid level and

the bolt screwed in under the plastic, otherwise, no questions. I remove the seat, tank, lower plastic "plow".

Under the tank, everything is surprisingly clean and very nice. Removing the top cover of the airbox:

Same thing - filter's clean.

Debris, insects, dust and dirt are usually sucked in with the air under the filter. I lift it up:

Not a speck of dust, not a speck of dirt. This is the first time I've seen such an order.

I unscrew the 6 bolts of the airbox, remove it, then the throttle block:

Then the valve cover, which by the way for the first time did not wash, but just wiped, although it can be dirty to impossible.  

And measuring valve clearances:

The 7 intake valves are 0.02 off the minimum, so you will have to raise the pastel. It is very large and fragile, it must be unscrewed carefully.

I lift the camshafts, their condition is close to ideal, as well as the seats. Then, as usual, the adjustment itself, and assembly in reverse order. After, - adjustment of the flaps, synchronization and test-drive. The engine sings!

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