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The Problem With Having Hams for Fists
Honda GB 500 Clubman
Honda GB 500 Clubman
1w ago

The Problem With Having Hams for Fists

The exhaust was a cinch so I summoned a bit of extra ambition and proceeded to install the performance cam shaft. What could have been completed in a couple of hours will now be drawn out over several weeks as I wait for parts to replace the ones I ruined.The pictures tell the story:  

  Honda's radial valve arrangement which makes an almost perfect hmispherical combustion chamber

standard cam on the left, replacement cam on the right

The cam sprocket bolt refused to become unfastened. After savagely rounding out the allen bolt I had to drill it out. I'm now waiting for a new sprocket, sprocket carrier and bolts

Ducati and their fans are touting the "ingenious" decompression cam on the new Panigale. This plebian Honda engine had it 22 years ago, and the design actually dates back to 1983.

The complex perpendicular rocker arrangement set inside the cam cover allows the SOHC motor a more ideal valve layout. Maintenance is a snap... unscrew the valve adjustment covers and turn the threaded adjusters.

Another victim of ham-fists: Ruined timing and crank caps. The crank cap was already somewhat rounded. I broke 3 screwdrivers trying to get it off and then finally decided to cut a deeper slot in it with my Dremel. Replacements are enroute.

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