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2019 BMW S1000RR Officially Unveiled

The production model of the 2019 BMW S1000RR has finally been unveiled and it surpasses our expectations. The new motorcycle is the first full-fledged update to the original S1000RR that made its debut almost a decade back.


The 2019 BMW 1000RR is a real superbike with a lot of mechanical, cosmetic and design changes. According to BMW officials, they’ve modified almost every front and, as a result, changed the way in which this new model functions and looks.


The main features:

  • 207bhp at 13,500 RPM
  • Redline upped to 14,600 RPM
  • More mid-range torque (details TBC)
  • ShiftCam for increased power across the RPM range and better fuel economy
  • All-new underslung swingarm with re-worked linkage system
  • 11kg weight reduction from 208 to 197kg (4kg weight reduction comes from engine and 1.3kg from exhaust mods)
  • Titanium valves and revised inlet ports
  • Longer wheelbase, steeper rake (more race focused position)
  • Lighter rocker arms and shorter, 10% lighter steel con rods
  • More front-biased weight bias with 53.8% of weight over the front wheel
  • New LED headlights instead of old asymmetrical headlights
  • The electronic package includes BMW Motorrad ABS pro, digital traction control, hill start control along with four riding modes (race, road, dynamic, race)
  • The gearbox allows bi-directional clutchless shifts
  • TFT colour screen acts as the instrument console


Overall, the 2019 BMW S1000RR is a really worthy purchase, because, as you can see, the company nailed almost every aspect of the bike.