Harley-Davidson Night Rod on 360 Rear Wheel Is a Pure Mutant
Harley-Davidson Night Rod on 360 Rear Wheel Is a Pure Mutant
02 Jul 2022 Custom
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Harley-Davidsons are the bikes that most often suffer this type of conversion, and depending on the idea that is to be followed, you get rear wheels in different sizes. Most often, custom shops go for 280 mm wheels, we get a decent number of 300 mm wheeled bikes, too, and in rarer cases even 330 mm ones.


But how about 360 mm rear wheels? Well, they do exist, although first, we have to admit, up until now we didn’t come across such a thing, and second, we’re pretty unsure of where you can legally use one.


Estonia could be a place you could do that, as it is there where we found this thing here, a mutant Night Rod handled by a local customizer going by the name Fredy Jaates.

The bike started out as a regular 2008 Night Rod, but was subjected to extensive surgery by Jaates to transform it into something that’s now called Special 1. There are a lot of modifications that went into this thing, but the most obvious is, of course, the fitting of a 360 rear tire, accompanied by all the necessary changes to make it a suitable fit.


The rear wheel is more than twice the size of the front one, which comes in at just 140 mm, but for what it’s worth, their diameter is equally sized at 18 inches.

They’re backed by things like Ohlins suspension at the back, a lowered front fork, and aftermarket brakes. Visually, the bike was changed, too, with the addition of a body kit, but the engine largely remained stock, save for the fitting of a CFR exhaust.


The modified Night Rod is an older Jaates project, and we’re not told how much it cost to put together or what roads it presently roams, legally.



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