First Look
The 2023 Two-stroke and four-stroke, MX and Enduro models, and their prices
The 2023 Two-stroke and four-stroke, MX and Enduro models, and their prices
28 Aug 2022 First Look
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Following the introduction of the 2023 Motocross and Enduro racing bikes, with significant changes and improvements we note below the key elements of the new range.


Fantic is champion in the last MX125 World Championship and the 2021 EMX250 Pan European Championship as well as in many National 125, 250, MX1, MX2 championships including the Italian one. The 2022 MXGP season saw Fantic Factory Team Maddii riders Cas Valk and Alexis Fueri dominate the Pan-European EMX125, while Tondel took 3rd place in the Pan-European EMX250.

On the world Enduro scene Fantic also has spectacular results with Davide Guarneri's 1st place at the 6Days with the Italian team, while dominating the 2022 Youth world championships with Harry Edmodson 1st and Kevin Cristino 2nd in the Enduro GP standings - Youth. Fantic's Enduro range also boasts a top three finish in the 2021 Junior Motocross 125cc World Championship.

FANTIC FACTORY FEELING – Since its inception, the Fantic series has been Racing.

Regardless of conditions or level, the range guarantees every rider the quality of a Factory bike thanks to the continuous transfer of knowledge from the racing department to standard production. The concept of FACTORY FEELING is revealed.

For Fantic "Factory Feeling" is not just a slogan. It is the company's basic racing philosophy that blurs the lines between the factory bikes of the world and the bikes you ride every day. Without compromise, Fantic gives you access to what its championship-winning factory drivers around the world feel and enjoy.


As is known, Fantic racing bikes are based on the latest Yamaha bikes, with significant improvements and factory peripherals that make them more "exotic" and give their riders the edge that only factory riders had access to. In addition, Fantic's Enduro motorcycles have Euro 5 homologation, issue regular license plates and can therefore participate in all National and International Enduro races.

The Motocross range includes the XX125 and XX250 with a new rear section and airbox, the XXF250 with new graphics as well as the all-new XXF450 with a new stronger and lighter engine and transmission, a new narrower and lighter frame and subframe with different stiffness characteristics, a new filter box and filter , new flatter saddle and new plastics.


Three models are included in the Fantic Racing Enduro series: the two-stroke XE125, completely renewed with a new engine and rear end, and its high-performance four-stroke brothers XEF250 and XEF450 with new graphics.

FANTIC 2-STROKE: Motocross XX125, XX250 and enduro XE125 – “Off Road Racing in its purest form.”

Both the XX and XE feature a redesigned rear end with a new filter box that gives side access to the filter – After careful testing and studies on the track with our official riders, Fantic engineers have chosen an optimized size airbox for the XX and XE for maximum performance at high revs, also ensuring resistance to the smallest impurities so that only fresh air reaches the TwinAir filter. The rear side panels are also brand new in thin and discreet plastic, while the new seat offers maximum comfort and freedom to drive. A process that further improved ergonomics, developed in symbiosis with the Factory Team. The increased air flow enabled by the new airbox assembly.

Fantic's small one-eighth two-strokes immediately conquered the top of the class as evidenced by winning the Junior Motocross World Champion 125 cc title in 2021, the top ranking in the Pan-European EMX 125 as well as the victories in the Youth class of the World Enduro GP were completely renewed with the aim of becoming even more competitive.

The all-new engine already worn by the XX125 in 2022 passes EURO5 specifications and worn by the 2023 XE125 Enduro – Power and response are the amazing features of the small but highly efficient new 125cc 2-stroke engine that gets a complete refresh by drawing from the Junior engine Motocross World Champion of 2021. Apparently it retains its Euro5 certification, which is very rare among small 2-year-olds. Thanks to a redesigned cylinder, piston and cylinder, connecting rod and a new Keihin PowerJet 38mm carburettor, the Fantic 125 has never been more powerful, supple and exploitable even at low revs.


The premier 250 two-stroke in the world, the XX250 after winning the 2021 Pan European title with Nikolas Lapucci and Tondel's leading role in this year's EMX250 Pan European, needs no introduction but gets some major improvements.

All two-strokes (XX125, XX250 and XE125) have new chrome-plated exhausts and lightweight end caps, specially designed by the Fantic R&D department and manufactured by Arrow, with top quality materials. These exhaust systems allow for an excellent response, giving plenty of power at high revs without sacrificing elasticity and power throughout the rev range for a power curve tailored to MX or Enduro use respectively.

The new electronics takes into account all the improvements and gives a perfect mapping in all conditions – Special tests are carried out on hard ground, treacherous sand, as well as on heavy and muddy surfaces. The Fantic XX 125, XX250 and XE 125 have as standard equipment this new electronics with two map options via a steering wheel switch. Soft Map delays the ignition time by reducing the flow rate and is suitable for the most slippery terrain, offering responsiveness but more manageable power without sacrificing maximum power. The Hard Map is pure adrenaline, ideal for tracks and tracks that offer great grip and allow you to unleash your full horsepower.

The new Fantic XXF 250 XEF 250 and XEF450 share the same basic platform as the 2022 models, with new tuning, and new graphics that pay homage to the bikes' Italian origins. They once again wear titanium Arrow exhausts as standard equipment and the top electronic Athena GET found on almost all motorcycles in the world with 10-level Traction control and Launch Control.

The XXF450 is an all-new bike based on the all-new Yamaha YZF450 but with significant improvements that will be fully revealed in September.

The entire Motocross and Enduro range will be available through the Fantic sales network from September 2022 apart from the new XXF450 which will be available in October.

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