Meet “Rosso Corsa” – A Honda CB600F Hornet With Ferrari Vibes and Custom DNA
Meet “Rosso Corsa” – A Honda CB600F Hornet With Ferrari Vibes and Custom DNA
11 Oct 2022 Custom
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If you asked me to pick a suitable donor for a custom project that’ll embody the Ferrari spirit, the 2006 MY Honda CB600F Hornet isn’t the first bike I’d point to. However, that’s exactly what a customer had in mind when he got in touch with One-Up Moto Garage’s Taylor Henschell, asking him to craft a two-wheeled interpretation of the most precious jewel from his Maranello-bred collection.


The relic in question is a legendary NART Le Mans racing car from the mid-sixties – the vintage Prancing Horse of your wildest fantasies, essentially. It should go without saying this fellow was no ordinary client, so we’ll bet the pressure was rather intense for Henschell’s Arkansas-based enterprise to deliver something outstanding.


In any case, Fayetteville’s moto architect absolutely nailed it, and we can’t help but marvel at the staggering workmanship that’s at hand here! His love for two-wheeled creatures materialized over a decade ago, when a 16-year-old Taylor got to ride a bike for the very first time. Before this took place, the craftsman claims to have had “reoccurring dreams of riding a motorcycle,” so we could say he was hooked before he even knew it.


Ever since he founded One-Up Moto Garage, we’ve seen an abundance of awe-inspiring customs roll out of his workshop, but the modified Hornet we’re featuring here takes the cake for being the raddest of them all. Ladies and gents, behold Taylor Henschell’s most entrancing mechanical showstopper, “Rosso Corsa.”


Following the acquisition of a CB600F’s engine and frame, he went about outsourcing a pair of cast wheels from a Honda VFR800, along with its monoshock and single-sided swingarm. The donor’s rear end was then redesigned with fresh shock mounts and a bespoke subframe, on top of which you’ll find a two-tone quilted leather saddle that’s been upholstered in-house.


Next, the machine’s skeleton was powder-coated from head to toe, while the wheels received a sexy coat of gold paintwork. Rosso Corsa’s front end comes equipped with a CBR’s inverted forks and a set of unique triple clamps, as well as a built-in smartphone mount. With these items in place, it was time to replace the stock fuel tank with a hand-shaped steel alternative that looks absolutely bonkers, as does the perforated metal fairing you’ll see up front.


Lighting duties are handled by aftermarket LED units and Motogadget blinkers, all of which are fed by a Shorai lithium-ion battery via revised wiring. In terms of performance enhancements, Taylor blessed the Hornet’s carbs with a comprehensive overhaul and top-grade UNI pod filters. On the opposite end of the combustion cycle, we’re greeted by a pie-cut four-into-two exhaust system that’s been manufactured using stainless steel. Dual reverse megaphone mufflers from Lossa Engineering can be seen adorning the exhaust tips.


The cockpit wears an assortment of premium accessories, such as clip-on handlebars, new levers and a single bar-end mirror fitted on the left-hand side. To achieve a tougher riding posture, the clip-ons are appropriately complemented by rear-mounted foot pegs. Last but not least, the gas chamber was enveloped in a juicy layer of Maranello’s iconic Rosso Corsa finish, while a modified version of Ferrari’s emblem has been painted on the swingarm by hand.


All things considered, One-Up Garage’s custom masterpiece is one of those builds that’ll make even the most pretentious gearhead go weak at the knees, and we applaud Taylor Henschell for going above and beyond to fulfill his client’s ambitious vision. Rosso Corsa’s faultless level of fit and finish is by no means a daily occurrence, so we’ll thank Arkansas’ specialist for delighting our eyes with a sight to behold!

What are your thoughts on this glorious piece of rolling artwork?


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