Suzuki GS500 "Gulf" By Lucky Custom
Suzuki GS500 "Gulf" By Lucky Custom
05 Apr Custom
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The Suzuki GS 500 is a motorcycle with a very long history. The first versions of this model came off the Assembly lines back in 1989, and at the same time in a slightly modernized form this bike is produced to this day, mainly for the Latin American market. However, it was initially focused on exports, and in Japan itself not sell. In the US and Europe, it was positioned as a competitor to the Honda CBF 500 and Kawasaki ER-5.


Simple and budget, this good bike is not for nothing so long keeps in production - many are bribed by the favorable combination of price and quality. Since the Suzuki GS 500 is a budget motorcycle, you should not expect any technical innovations or impressive characteristics from it. On the contrary, it is built with using technologies from thirty years ago, and in this approach, in addition to the obvious disadvantages, there are also advantages — these technologies, even if outdated, have long been run-in and brought to perfection in their class. Is archaism always a bad thing?


Say this to the owners of Harley-Davidson, and they will only laugh, and then mention aspects such as maintainability, ease of maintenance, and reliability. This is also fully applicable to the Suzuki GS500. Externally, the bike is very similar to its famous counterpart-Suzuki GSF 400 Bandit. The same bulging frame on the sides, the same slightly raised tail, glasses of the dashboard panel on the handlebars and a round headlight. No exotics — only recognized, time-tested classics.


But the engine is significantly different from the engine "Bandit" - this an in-line air-cooled two-piece that delivers 45 forces and almost 40 nm of torque. Thus, the technical characteristics of the Suzuki GS 500 are inferior to their own 400-CC counterparts with inline "fours", but it also has advantages — so, this bike has excellent traction in the lower and middle range of revolutions.&


It does not need to be "twisted" to move dynamically, and when driving in the city, this is an advantage, and the maximum speed is 160 km / h for such conditions more than sufficient.

For the motorcycle that you see here: integral reform of the chassis, manufactured an artisan tank, seat and bump stop, paint, stainless steel exhaust.



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