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Triumph stripped off two motorcycle gear brands, and the internet is angry
22 Nov 2021

Triumph stripped off two motorcycle gear brands, and the internet is angry

When it comes to motorcycle bags and backpacks, the number of players in the motorcycle industry is limited.

Kriega Space has a £ 800 gorilla, but Oregon-startup Beromakki The product is making waves as well. It’s likely that you’ve seen one of these branded packs actually on the market.

Both brands offer great work, but what sets both Kriega and Velomacchi apart is their unique design designed to meet the requirements of driving a motorcycle at high speeds and wearing motorcycle apparel. I created a harness system.

And now, as the British brand released on the UK website, Triumph seems to want to take part in that action. A set of bags I can see it very much very got used to seeing. Is imitation the best form of flattery? Or is it bad for the business for all involved?

Side-by-side with the photos above, you can see that the Triumph design has fairly clear similarities to those created by Kriega and Velomacchi, especially with regard to Velomacchi’s strap and chest latch system, and Kriega’s dome-shaped crosspack. .. zipper.

The similarities between Velomacchi’s design and Triumph’s backpack are probably the worst. This is because the medical cloth is placed on the right shoulder in the same way, the brand is tilted vertically on the left shoulder, and a single aluminum Roundel clasp is placed in the center. It will be an important element of Velomacchi’s backpack products.

The design and similarities of Triumph products are so strict that I can’t imagine how they came to exist independently of the work of Kriega and Velomacchi.

As a comment, the internet seems to agree Velomacchi’s Instagram post This issue is full of anger not only from angry Velomacchi fans, but also from many more influential people in the industry.

I’m not sure if my own brief legal analysis reveals that Triumph violates the intellectual property law of this law. But that is not really the place where the analysis should be stored.

Copying designs and patterns is a big issue, without digging into the subtle differences in copyright, trademark, and patent law, and some of the trade dress exceptions associated with backpack and apparel manufacturing. Now for the entire fashion industry.

However, the statutory letter of law should not be a guide here. Ethically, philosophical students do not need to understand what is right and what is wrong in this situation, even if the proceedings are legally speaking with Triumph.

If that debate isn’t upsetting, consider Triumph to have the privilege of being one of the world’s leading motorcycle brands.

Hinckley has built its brand around premium British brands, but the act of copying the unique ideas of other small brands in the industry is the exact opposite of what the Triumph brand should represent on motorcycles.

Not only is this a toxic act for the fragile ecosystem of motorcycle-related entrepreneurs, but the ongoing action seen here is to build the Triumph brand name in today’s sense. It can quickly undermine the many years of work you have spent.

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