Honda CB 350 - IRIS
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1973 Honda CB350G Build - 11
Honda CB 350 - IRIS
Honda CB 350 - IRIS
30 Sep 2020

1973 Honda CB350G Build - 11

Time to install the tapered steering bearings and bronse swing arm bushings. You can also see the frame and bits all freshly powder coated! Looking sharp! I heated the swing arm in the oven at 350 for about 10 mins or so and stuck the bushings in the freezer for about an hour. The head expands the metal and the cold will shring the bushing a little and they should come together a lot easier!

I used a product called "Shine Seal" to seal and protect the side covers and other parts I buffed out. Aluminum will start to oxidize quickly when you buff it down to the bare metal like that and this will stop it from rusting and oxidizing. The product is a bit expensive and only lasts 2 years though. Honestly the only real draw here is that is really makes the parts look crazy shiny! Clear powder coats can sometimes dull the finish you've worked so hard to achieve. So for me, that was why I used it

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