Honda XL 600V Transalp
Honda XL 600V Transalp
6w ago

Honda Transalp - repair

As it should be Enduro, the bike is dirty, the motor had to be washed for a long time from the sticky swamp crap. Next, preparations for removing the engine from the frame.

I remove the seat and tank.

The cover that covers the drive sprocket.

I remove the sprocket and unscrew the engine mounting bolts. At the same time, I notice that the expansion tank tube has come off from a fast ride.

I ended up taking the engine off the frame and putting it on a table for pre-cleaning.

After cleaning off the dirt, we can get started.

I remove the valve cover:

I unscrew the camshaft lug, take it off too.

Then the eight cylinder head bolts, and it(s) can be carefully removed.

Then remove the cylinder itself.

Remove the retaining ring in the piston and press out the piston pin.

Both pistons clearly show scoring, the result of overheating or oil starvation.

Next came the turn of the timing chain, for this you need to remove the clutch basket, and unscrew the bolt of the drive pinion.

The chains used were DID, original ones were hard to come by.

They required a fair amount of shortening and riveting. 

The old chains were quite a bit longer than the new ones.

Part 2...

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