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What came out of a 2013 Japanese Honda VFR1200F (blowout)
Honda VFR 1200
Honda VFR 1200
3w ago

What came out of a 2013 Japanese Honda VFR1200F (blowout)

As I continued to ride, some annoying nuances appeared:

The stock seat is terrible—hard and wide near the tank, causing leg pain during long rides in traffic. I replaced it with a seat from SF-Design.

The clip-ons are too low for my height of 177 cm, and when the handlebars are fully turned, my hand hits the tank. I installed 12 mm risers from AliExpress, and it immediately became comfortable and convenient.

The "weakness" in 2nd gear in traffic around 2000 RPM required me to shift to 1st and then back to 2nd within a second. I'm not used to revving the engine (I still can't get used to it after riding a cruiser). Or maybe I'm just inexperienced and don't know how to ride properly. This nuance started to bother me. I thought, no, I won't do anything, it's fine as it is, but then... I need to do something... no, I won't... and then the urge to experiment took over...
(insert evil laughter in the background)
What I did:

Found an exhaust from a full-power model in perfect condition for 23,000 rubles (I have a stock Japanese muffler in perfect condition, if anyone needs it, please contact me). Installation took 15 minutes.

Bought new diffusers from the full-power model (part number: 17225-MGE-000).

Cut open the closed air filter inlet.

Tuned it on a dyno for the changes.

Didn't change the manifold.

127.9 hp at 8090 RPM (instead of 105.0 hp at 6950)
127.0 Nm at 5750 RPM (instead of 118.0 Nm at 5350)

It turns out that up to 7500 RPM, my motorcycle will be faster than the full-power model. I still need to compare it dynamically with the full-power model.

Now, the impressions:

The "weakness" in 2nd gear in traffic around 2000 RPM is gone; now I can start in 2nd.The acceleration has greatly improved; it doesn't feel different, but where the speed was 145 before, it's now 184 with the same feeling.There's a constant strong pull from about 1500 to 8000 RPM.The top speed increased from 182 to 233 km/h (haven't tested it yet).

Summary: I'm happy with everything; the motorcycle now performs the way I want it to. I don't need 172 hp. Revving to 8500 is perfectly fine. I hope this information will be useful to someone.

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