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Pod filters done...
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Airbox was a pin in the arse to remove but once out it freed up a lot of space for my Denali Soundbomb, took her out for a quick black just to check everything was how it should be & I must say sh... more
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Assembly and Start Up
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The paint All Plastidip came out really nicely. However spots that were hit by oil and gas did not last. have learned a lot about using it, And when I repaint it, It will be much better. (has been don... more
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Building the engine
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Here we are assembling the lower crank Here is the transmission and the Crankshaft Ready to get sealedPistons and Jug installed, Taking Elf from the original 1000 cc to 1100 cc.Putting the head on, an... more
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To Build or move on?
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When I had bought the bike it had come with an extra engine.So with the encouragement of a friend, we set to building a new motor. First I pulled both engines I had apart down to the bolts. My Cylinde... more
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The start of the Journey
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When I turned 40 I decided to buy a motorcycle.After a good deal of shopping I found this 1981 KZ1000m CSRThe kid I had bought it from had done some shaddy things to it. But I set to work and got her... more
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