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Why do I ride?
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When the sun is out, the sky is blue, and the air is crisp with the first hints of spring I've already been riding. In the summer heat and scarlet sunsets of hot August I'm still riding. When the cloc... more
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ninja 400
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anyone else into smaller bikes?... more
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Hello, new guy here.
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hi my name is Jamie I'm new to this app not sure how all of it works but I'm willing to give it a go a while back a nice polite young woman who belongs to my group on Facebook Pittsburgh biker parlor... more
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Mundaring Weir
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Early morning ride to Mundaring Weir😊... more
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A pitstop last summer
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fun day sun day
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nice chill ride with good ppl... more
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Took my twins for a ride 😍
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I took my twin kids for a ride around, started to get a bit cooler in Bahrain after the burning summer. Time to ride and ride and then ride 🤪... more
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Weekend Run
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1000km run... more
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Summer weekend on island Brač
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Every year, first weekend in July, there is a moto meet we always visit. This year, i didnt go there just with the boys like always, i took two of my friends also, Harri (from England) and my neighbou... more
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Ride Sunday
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Heading to the twisties Sunday. Leaving Kangaroo Ground General store Victoria at 09:00. Heading to Healsville and beyond. Anyone welcome... more
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Healsville loop
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Went for a quick ride up to Healsville, through to toolanghi and then down kinglake to St. Andrews pub... more
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Ride on the weekend
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Anyone keen in Melbourne Australia to go for a ride Healsville way?Healsville... more
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Best roads in Victoria
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If you are ever thirsty head to jamieson brewery, the road to it is amazing. Lots of twisties and great scenery.... more
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my little monster !!!! Galveston tx
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Traverse Ridge with Dad
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Rode up traverse ridge in Utah with my dad (on his K1300S).... more
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Utah’s Immigration, East Canyons
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My second group ride was through immigration canyon and East canyon in Utah. Lots of turns and an amazing stop/view halfway through.... more
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Riding season
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Got on this app to try and find fellow riders down to go out and just enjoy life. I ride rain or shine and in most temperatures just nothing, this is my girl she’s a 1997 Yamaha YZF600r thundercat, sh... more
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my little monster
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the last warm autumn day in 2019, Moscow
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riding before ❄❄❄ yesterday... more
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Moscow City view 10-23-2019
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Weather is still allowable for riding. But riding season in Russia will over soon. It was +12°C (52°F) yesterday evening.... more
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Buy me pizza
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This is my mike. I like to ride it when I am suffering and happy, but now I have already sold it. but I MISS YOU #ER6N... more
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Teaching my son to ride on the sand.
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One day I decided to get my son to drive on the dunes, there was also a quarry! It was fun, I tired of running after my son, but progress on the face. Equipment is really a good thing! As my son said... more
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Test ride
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Here's a bit of video for y'all... 5 minutes of Moonshiner 28 in North Carolina. Probably one of my most favorite roads EVER.[media]https://player.vimeo.com/video/130096943[/media]... more
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The first 600 miles
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Well, that came the time of the first service after 600 miles. Of which 400 miles of city driving and 200 outside the city. I would like to summarize my experience with the motorcycle during this time... more
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