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FAIL BLOG: Time for a new look
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The rusted, faded paint job isn't quite the look I am going for so time to try slopp'n some paint on this bag-of-bolts of an excuse for a bike. After a failed attempt of mixing a laquer paint over ena... more
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FAIL BLOG: Stator fixed
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Fixed the wires coming out of stator and now have a functional charge system again. While in that side of the casing for the 3rd time in a week I decided to redo that gasket "properly" with... more
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FAILBLOG: No stator ouput!
  • complain
Battery is dead due to not being charged by stator. looks like I have a short on 2 of the 3 wires coming out of the stator. my DIY gasket job worked out except when I put it all back together it was d... more
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New gas tank
  • complain
Looks way better with a new gas tank on... more
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The speedometer is looking dope... more
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Before rebuild
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This... more
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44th Annual Charity Bike Ride
  • complain
What a massive turnout for the annual charity bike ride. Awesome day with beautiful weather here in Perth, Western Australia... more
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Dolomiten ☀️💦🏔
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😍... more
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