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Battery died
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Had a few hours in the garage, battery died trying to start bike. Not seen one of these type before; very light, do I need a special battery charger?... more
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Stolen in san diego please help
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SAN DIEGO AREA! My Yamaha r6 was just stolen out of the Consulate Hotels parking lot here in San Diego! If anyone’s seen this bike please let me know right away! We just moved down here and don’t know... more
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Custom shaved tail
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So a buddy of mine came up with the idea of shaving our tails license plate brackets, so we did some custom 3D printing from another buddy of ours.. body work and paint! Here's our finished product!... more
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Better pic of the Rasta-nana
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The bike is actually named Jackie, the banana is the all powerful Rasta-nana... Lol... more
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Out for a night ride in front of the Devon Building in downtown Oklahoma City. Rasta-nana rides with me again!!... more
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