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Could stare at my ride all day..🏍🏍🏍
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could you stare at yours all day??... more
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⚡️ GSXR 1000 k7 brutal sound
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Brutal sound from a Gixxer 😁❗️Enjoy‼️... more
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⚡️ KAWASAKI ZX10R brutal sound
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Runs and wheelies with my zx10r‼️Enjoy❗️... more
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Took my twins for a ride 😍
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I took my twin kids for a ride around, started to get a bit cooler in Bahrain after the burning summer. Time to ride and ride and then ride 🤪... more
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Fuel level sensor
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In this post I will talk about the failure of the fuel reserve sensor and how to save money and a couple of weeks of valuable summer time, if this happens with your bike.So, it all started with the fa... more
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Husqvarna SM610 - Part 3 - Assembly
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I continue the story of the rebuilding of the Husqvarna SM610 06 ', which I bought in the autumn of 2013. This will be the last post, as the assembly of the motor is finished and it remains only to ad... more
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Husqvarna SM610 - Part 2 - Wheels (painting, reworking in tubeless)
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In this post I will continue the story about the rebuilding of the Husqvarna SM610 06 'motard, bought in the fall of 2013. To be more precise, I'll try to tell you how, from the standard dull wheels,... more
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Husqvarna SM610 - Part 1 - Purchase, start of repair
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I always liked this bike, and I periodically looked through the ads, judging the average price of these devices and considering the various options for buying ... And then one day during this process... more
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Part 9 Suzuki DR650
  • complain
Stock rear shock. 99% torn down. Last 1% was tricky, you need to grind the top of the shaft away from the nut to get the stock piston and valve shims off. You need to be careful to not destroy the thr... more
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Part 8 Suzuki DR650
  • complain
Needed to make up a new kickstand. As I said before I got a shortened one with the 17" wheels. But that one was too short. It's 3" shorter than stock.So while looking online to see what len... more
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Part 7 Suzuki DR650
  • complain
This was the card board template from the last post, it was traced from the cut down plastic panel I had a bunch of posts ago.I trimmed those down to match what I had in my head for the new shape of t... more
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Part 6 Suzuki DR650
  • complain
Figured I'd do this in a separate post. I think a lot of people run into this problem but I don't see too much talk about it here. So you throw on your new LED blinkers and integrated tail and all of... more
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Part 5 Suzuki DR650
  • complain
Wanted to do something that didn't involve the rear of the bike for a quick break. Needed to get rid of the stock pumpkin blinkers. So I picked up some universal flush mount blinkers. Then mounted th... more
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Part 4 Suzuki DR650
  • complain
So remember when I said I didn't have a plan? Well that was really dumb.... I was trying to get things symmetrical on both sides of the fender and trying to work out the bottom edge and it wasn't goi... more
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Part 3 Suzuki DR650
  • complain
Had to move this stuff around. Dash apart with a ruff plan on aluminum... You know, cause ever ounce counts..Holyos... And more filing than I would like to discuss... It fits!It fits... Again.. Out th... more
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Part 2 Suzuki DR650
  • complain
With both sides goobered on both edges this is how they are looking all mounted up!If you were wondering, here is pics of clearance between airbox, frame, and shock with the new exhaust. Only less tha... more
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Part 1 Suzuki DR650
  • complain
It's time y'all... So here is a up to today wrap up from the thread in the "dirty tard" sub-forum I started. Started off with two Dr650's and stripped them both down to bare frame and as... more
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