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Yamaha XSR700 scrambler by Capêlo’s Garage and Elemental Rides

  • Jul 19 23:07 PM GTM
  • Custom
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This XSR700 was built as part of Yamaha Europe’s Yard Built program. As a result, we got this heavily upgraded XSR700 TT (for “True Tribute”) scrambler, following the project’s theme “Back to the Dirt”.


According to designer and illustrator NunoCapêlo, the main idea, together with Ricardo Santos, was to improveoff-road capability of the original motorcycle - the XSR700. They also wanted a retro-looking bike inspired bythe iconic Yamaha dirt bikes of the 70s and 80s – which eventually created a design challenge since Nuno Capêlo wanted a motorcycle with modern touches. It was decided that the custom model should be thinner and higher, while in terms of color work they chose a classic appearance of dirt bike combining yellow, white and black.


Nuno Capêlo and Ricardo Santos started by swapping out the XSR700’s suspension for something a bit more dirt-worthy.On went a set of custom 43 mm right-side-up Showa forks.They’re adjustable for compression and rebound, with 230 mm of travel.The rear shock’s also from Showa, fully adjustable and hooked up to a removable linkage to match the front-end’s travel.

Nuno and Ricardo also upgraded the front brake with an EBC disc and Brembo caliper, and switched the brake lines out for Teflon ones. And they removed the ABS to drive home the XSR700’s off-road intentions.The wheels were switched out for a custom set featuring Talon hubs, Excel rims and stainless steel spokes. They measure 18” up front and 17” out back, and wear enduro tires from Mitas.


The engine remained the same but the guys simply switched the airbox for a pair of foam filters to make room for the new bodywork.The 2-in-1 exhaust system is a custom-built steel unit,exclusive for this Yamaha XSR700 TT.The battery was switched for a Lithium-ion unit with Bluetooth connectivity(so that you can monitor it from your smartphone). The bike was also equipped with an Acewell speedo and LED internals with a custom daytime running light.


The fuel tank’s a custom-built steel unit,inspired by 1970s bikes. The front fender’s from a Yamaha DT125MX, and was shortened to suit the XSR.To tighten up the rear end, the duo modified a Yamaha DTR fender. For the MX-style headlight, the guys grabbed a nacelle from Portuguese brand HP.

Other custom details include guards for the radiator and oil filter,aluminum foot pegs. The Yamaha XSR700 TT also received a new seat, made of a waterproof synthetic material.








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