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Ghost of CADVR 2023 Is On This Summer In Wisconsin!
Ghost of CADVR 2023 Is On This Summer In Wisconsin!
09 Feb Moto sport
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It’s winter here in North America, but some inmates are still riding because they were smart enough to move to California/Nevada/Texas/Australia/South Africa/wherever. Others are even smarter, and are going RTW in places that are warm and sunshiney. But for those of us in the snow belt, most of us are only wrenching on our bikes and planning next riding season’s adventures.

CADVR days gone by! Photo: @baldy

Inmates in the American Midwest might want to add this to their schedules for 2023: The CADVR isn’t back, but instead we’re getting the Ghost of CADVR rally, scheduled for July 28-August 6! Will it be as awesome as the original (as seen in Baldy’s write-up below)?

Hard to say! But we can say we’ve got the following deets posted over in the Rallies forum:

Boulder Junction, Wisconsin.

Dates are chosen so mark your calendars, bribe your boss, air up your tires and prepare for your journey. This will be like last years get together, very casual. You make your reservations and meals are on your own.

GPS tracks are plentiful for this region and provide a wide variety of diversity from small dualsport to large adventure bikes, even street bikes. A link to Cannonshots decades of GPS work will be added soon. The tracks start and end in Boulder Junction.& CannonTracks – DS/ADV Based Out of Boulder Junction (WI) – Also Central ADV Rally Ride Catalog | Adventure Rider (advrider.com)

There is a great campground in Boulder Junction and a few motels in the area as well. I’d recommend making reservations soon.

Camp Holiday is where the past several gatherings were centralized and this will be rally central again this year. They have been very accommodating in the past so let’s keep it that way.

Here’s a link –& https://camp-holiday.com/

There are a few motels nearby for non camper types. Google is your friend.

Head over there for more details. If you’re curious about what sort of riding to expect, there are some YouTube videos that give you an idea (see below for an example).

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