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Review: Harley Davidson Fat Bob S
Review: Harley Davidson Fat Bob S
24 Feb 2022 Reviews and Test ride
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Harley-Davidson thought the world was nearing its end in 2017, when Harley-Davidson rejected the popular Dyna family and married those models to the new Softail family.

They loved handling twin-shock models and enjoyed the comical swaying character of the unbalanced engine that vibrated violently on the rubber mount.

Some people may miss it. I certainly don’t.

Not since the new era of Fat Bob with a sleek 107 and 114 Milwaukee engine, a stiffer frame, lighter weight, plus a single shock and upside fork suspension.

It’s smoother, more sophisticated, more powerful, with better handling and more cornering clearance.

Simply put, the world wasn’t over!

The only change to the Fat Bob in 2022 is the graphic of an oval “waterslide” fuel tank with an “HD” at the bottom and no 107 models, with a whopping 114 torque monster drivetrain only for the Fat Bob S. remain. ..

But with improved factory settings and tweaks, the bike seems to be even better.

The suspension feels a bit more suitable for our conditions, the drivetrain is slightly smoother, less mechanical noise and easier to find neutral.

The new era FXFBS Softail Fat Bob S was $ 30,250 at launch, but dropped to $ 29,995 last year. For 2022, the maximum is $ 31,750.

It’s my choice for the new Softails because of its menacing look and performance.

Dyna fans may lament the loss of an unbalanced engine, but you’ll love the fact that the Fat Bob S is now a much better performer and handler.

In fact, I Taken the former Fat Bob to the Lakeside Raceway North of Brisbane, the 180mm rear Dunlop surprised many truck day riders as they thundered from the corners with a huge torque of 160Nm that left a thick black line on the truck.

I just ran out of rubber, so I secretly retired my bike by lunch time!

For some reason, the upside-down 43mm fork, tilted one-handed adjustable shock, and high profile rubber work fine on this bike, New sports star S it’s not.

Of course, cornering clearance is an issue for all cruisers, but this is a little better with an upsweep single-sided dual exhaust pipe and a tilt angle of 31 degrees on the right and 32 degrees on the left.

Since the frame is hard, there is no swell in the corner even if it hits the corrugation, so you can insert the tip with confidence.

It also turns more quickly than the tire specifications suggest, thanks to its sharper steering geometry.

And the Fat Bob S rides Australia’s unfriendly backstreets better with just a tremor than the impact of an earthquake.

The reach to the drag bear may be a bit far for short riders, but I think it’s a comfortable riding position with a solid but well-shaped saddle.

In addition to being smooth, the powerful 114 engine is more economical, cooler and convenient for slow-moving commuting on hot summer days.

Interestingly, Harley never used it to provide power numbers, only torque. However, because the new Revolution model has a water-cooled engine, it provides power numbers for all models.

It may be a relatively modest 71kW, but it enters at 4750 rpm and tears in the socket on your arm under intense acceleration.

The hard-mounted engine also feels smooth because it is 100% balanced with the secondary balancer.

The most faced element of Fat Bob’s styling over the past few years has been the transition from twin circular headlights to horizontal rectangles with rounded edges.

I’m now starting to warm up with a unique LED headlight tucked into a neat, shiny black pillar box nacelle.

But I’m not a fan like a muffler painted with a bronze header pipe cover and a silver “rattle can”.

Like all new Softail, it comes with a new keyless ignition, a more comfortable seat and a new wheel design.

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