Custom BMW R 1250 R “Hulk” by Tossa R
Custom BMW R 1250 R “Hulk” by Tossa R
18 Dec Custom
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Before the illness that shall not be named came around to wreak havoc, the Eastern European nation of Bulgaria was becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination thanks to its budget-friendly seaside resorts. However, it isn’t the first place we’d expect to find a motorcycle customization workshop with the ability to create a staggering masterpiece like the one you see above this paragraph.


It all started when a Sofia-based enterprise named Tossa R got their hands on a factory-spec BMW R 1250 R and proceeded to transform it into a futuristic cafe racer that manages to look absolutely brutal! After encountering this two-wheeled gladiator on the firm’s Facebook page, it’s fairly safe to say these fellows know how to create a divine cafe-style machine.968367639ce8386db4d.png

On the other hand, the R 1250 R is one hell of a donor for a bespoke undertaking of this magnitude. Its 1,254cc boxer-twin powerplant is fully capable of spawning 136 ruthless ponies and 105 pound-feet (143 Nm) of crushing twist at optimal rpm. Thus, the Bavarian prides itself with a top speed of no less than 145 mph (233 kph).287293639ce849f3413.png

Dubbed the “Hulk,” Tossa’s monstrosity flaunts an angular outfit that stands in sharp contrast against the gold paintwork found on the forks, wheels and frame. At the front end, we notice a trellis-type structure supporting discrete turn signals and a premium pair of round LED headlights. As the standard digital display was a perfect match for Hulk’s ultra-modern design elements, the team decided to retain it.


Moving on to the rear, the original subframe was amputated to make way for a custom alternative, on top of which you’ll spot a single-seater saddle that sits higher than the stock unit. At the tip, the Bulgarian moto craftsmen installed a downright venomous tail section with integrated LED lighting. In terms of powertrain adjustments, the chunky exhaust muffler has been replaced with a tiny aftermarket item, while new air filters can be seen underneath the gas tank.


Since Tossa R’s experts haven’t yet revealed the exact specifications of this build, we’re only talking about what we can immediately see with the naked eye, but we bet their work is far more extensive. When more information on the Hulk does become available, we’ll be sure to look into it.


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