Yamaha Launches USD100 Million Investment Fund In The US
Yamaha Launches USD100 Million Investment Fund In The US
16 Mar Industry
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& This comes after its first fund was established in 2018. The new fund, called Yamaha Motor Exploratory Fund, L.P. II, has a total of $100 million USD available for investment.


Yamaha Motor Ventures (YMV) in Silicon Valley will be in charge of identifying companies that will benefit from Yamaha Motor’s new investment fund.

The new fund will be used to explore technologies and opportunities, which will expand the company’s new business domain and enhance its competitive advantages.

Yamaha’s “Medium Term Management Plan” from 2022 until 2024 aims to develop smaller businesses into “core businesses,” which will help Yamaha achieve its goal of securing a competitive edge.

The second Yamaha Motor Exploratory Fund was established in February 2023 and will last for ten years.

Yamaha’s target businesses for investment are startups with innovative technologies and ample business growth potential in the fields of transportation, robotics, data/AI, fintech/insurtech, and digital health and wellness.

While it is unclear what the new investment fund from Yamaha will lead to, the company’s interest in “data/AI” suggests its focus may be on developing self-driving technology for its motorcycles.

This new fund shows that Yamaha is committed to long-term investments that will allow it to stay ahead of its competitors.

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  • Self-driving tech 4 motorcycles 🏍. May not b a gud idea. Even if achieved, motorcycle prices would b outrageous. Just my opinion 🤷
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