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K8 600 crush washer
  • complain
I was given this crush washer by the shop but it looks way different than a regular crush washer that I have used on the Hondas. I am going to do the oil change in a couple of days but just wanted to... more
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Building stuntbike seat
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I took the stock seat cover off, cut the foam, cut the seat pan... measured new vinyl to match the stock seat cover. matched it up and cut hole out of new vinyl to match the seat hole. Then i to... more
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Wiring connection
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Hi guys, new around here, i own 2011 600. I got it home and figured I’d start looking a little deeper. I decided to look at the air cleaner to be sure it didn’t need replaced. It was a K&N that wa... more
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Please,need help! 4 codes for all four injectors
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Need some input if anyone may have any ideas. My bike seems to be jumping/cutting in and out real hard at high rpms. Use to only do it every now and then on a wheelie playing with the throttle real qu... more
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So as it is cold and freezing in the Netherlands, it's time to look back at the pics I made last summer. Hop you like it!... more
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Get Up and Ride....Video
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Awesome day for meet up!
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These pics are from my phone. I recorded it all and I'll have the video for it ready in a month lol. . . Not kidding lol. We hit some nice speeds, saw some wildlife(gator and turtle), and saw the carn... more
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August 12, 2015, I woke up like every morning except we had plans to go ride. We took our children to the sitters, geared up, met one of my exe's friends and we started. It was a slow relaxing ride,... more
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Electrical issues - Rectifier keeps failing
  • complain
I am having issues with my GSXR 600 for the past two years. This is my third Rectifier in the last one year and since the rectifier is under warranty I am lucky to get it replaced for free by Rick Mot... more
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Gsxr 600 K7
  • complain
Blackforrest Germany... more
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My gsxr 750
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My cop !
  • complain
Pics with my COP... more
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A ride with a friend !
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My best friends !... more
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