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Always take time to admire the view
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Touring Wexford
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New bridge
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So the longest bridge in Ireland was just opened so we had to try it out and goof around just a couple of pictures of us goofing around... more
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Just stopped to take a photo😜😜
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Obligatory stop at Java Hutt
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One of my fav spots to enjoy a coffee and some graffiti in Detroit... more
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A perfect summary=)
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This is how i feel every time I ride✊✊✊✌✌... more
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Weekend Run
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1000km run... more
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first look
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First tim i got to take a look at my beamer... more
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Conors pass and slea head drive probably Some of the highest and most narrow roads
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Climbing over the wall to the edge of the cliff to get the perfect picture 🤣🤣... more
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East to west
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Wexford to Kerry on the coast road as much as possible did end up in the mountains after a biker recommended it 350 miles done today 😁... more
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Track day!
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Merry Xmas all
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Shot for the ride bois... was good to meet some new faces.. merry Xmas all .. travel safe and look forward to riding with you all in the new year.. stay safe out there people.... more
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Lamp error code
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Just installed rear LED blinkers on 2012. I used OEM harness and put male connectors on blinker wires so I could use OEM female connectors. Left one work perfect. Right one works normal for few second... more
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For people who choose the exhaust for BMW S1000RR
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So I've been on the hunt for an exhaust system but there are so many options. Some systems I really like are the Akrapovic full system(the stainless steel one cause the titanium one is really expensiv... more
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Okay ! I'll be the first participant in this contest!
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Ride safe!... more
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Eclipse/Tail of the Dragon
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On Aug 20th 2017 I headed out from PA to Tenn to see the total solar eclipse and ride the Tail of the Dragon. The ride down was actually not too bad, coming home was horrible.... more
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Not to the max so far, but working on it
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175 so far, but trying to make it to the 186 ;)... more
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