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Triumph Rocket III bobber by Gasoline Motor Co.

  • Jan 10 13:05 PM GTM
  • Custom
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Gasoline Motor Co. is one of Australia’s leading custom motorcycle garages. We’ve already seen several previous projects of the workshop, founded in the 1990s, and today we offer to assess another interesting custom-bobber.


The motorcycle is owned by Leanne. After a terrible car accident, years of recovery, ongoing chronic pain and tumors, a lump of compensation money, the girl decided that although her mobility was jeopardised, her life didn’t need to be. Many invest the money in stocks or real estate, but Leanne with her husband chose an entirely different direction. The pair was inspired by Brough Superior motorcycles,as they have British roots.


Brough Superior is often named as “The Rolls Royce of Motorcycles”.

Triumph Rocket III was chosen as a donor. They contacted the Gasoline Motor Co. specialiststo turn the British motorcycle into an energetic hooligan.



  • a large 771 lb 2300cc two-wheel rolling torque beast as the basis
  • Legend Air ride shock system
  • custom sub frame
  • original fork with minor modifications
  • customtank (original is installed inside)
  • Berringer hand controlswith switch blocks, Motogadgetmetal handle grips, custom handlebar
  • Motogadget device panel
  • custom radiator
  • custom exhaust system, made of 50 piece (3 into 1 for maximum performance)
  • leather seat, crafted with an etched GMC logo
  • the end result - 396 lb , with a 198 lb engine.