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Suzuki GSXR600 + Power Commander + Ignition Module
Suzuki GSXR 600 - Suza
Suzuki GSXR 600 - Suza
1 month ago

Suzuki GSXR600 + Power Commander + Ignition Module

Installing a Power Commander in conjunction with the Ignition module can give good results, especially if a straight-through exhaust with a zero resistance filter is already installed.

All modules are a little used but in excellent condition.

Installation is simple and requires no special preparation.

The tank and air receiver are removed from the motorcycle.

Controllers are fixed in the "tail", any convenient way, I for example use "Velcro".

Then we remove connectors from injectors and connect them to Power Commander and free connectors to injectors. That is: ECU-Power Commander-Injectors.

Do the same with the ignition module.

That's all. The most interesting thing is tuning, there is a big field for experiments, in my case, I got the system in working condition with maximum output.

Switch on the ignition, the controller is recognised and shows the standard fuel map. By the way, if the card is not sewn, or the controller itself is recognised with errors, try to update the firmware, and given the glitchiness of this expensive box, very often helps.

I pour the required firmware, which I subsequently adjust to the required parameters in manual mode.

Calibrating the throttle sensor:

The Ignition Module allows us to change the ignition map by 10 degrees in either direction, but it is important to remember that if not adjusted correctly, it can destroy the engine in no time. The modules allow us to tune each cylinder separately from each other if there is a need to do so. Of course, such fine tuning requires a dyno. For this reason, I only turned the ignition slightly towards the "early" side.

The Power Commander has a locked Accel Pump function that can be easily unlocked.

This will allow you to separately configure:

1) The amount of fuel to add

2) The number of engine revolutions during which fuel is added

3) The sensitivity of throttle move-ment under which the accelera-tor pump is activated

For those who like to burn off, in the settings I recommend to set the following parameters

75% Sensitivity

20% Fuel Increase

15 Engine Revolutions

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