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Could stare at my ride all day..🏍🏍🏍
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could you stare at yours all day??... more
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⚡️ GSXR 1000 k7 brutal sound
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Brutal sound from a Gixxer 😁❗️Enjoy‼️... more
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⚡️ KAWASAKI ZX10R brutal sound
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Runs and wheelies with my zx10r‼️Enjoy❗️... more
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Fun day sun day
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nice chill ride with good ppl... more
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Rainy spin
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Wet rides 🤣... more
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Few Pics
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Buy me pizza
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Last step before the morning's ride!... more
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You only have two wheels to take you down the road and maintenance is important
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In every fitting of a new tire, always checking for a straight wheel, good working bearings and a balancing at the end. www.motorbikethrottle.com... more
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ZX10R Vs S1000RR
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Coming soon on youtube. You can visit and subscribe by visiting this link : www.motorbikethrottle.com As you wait for the zx10r vs s1000rr you can enjoy some of the already existing high quality vid... more
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Sunday ride with fast bikes
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Exiting from turn 1
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A photo taken while I was exiting from turn one in Achna Racing Speedway... more
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My Baby
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I love racing my bike. Who else races? Once I was followed on fb and YouTube, I was excited to get a sponsor to contact me. Not fully knowing the concepts of it, I continue to have multiple?s for the... more
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My bike is fun to ride and even funner to race. Who wants some action?... more
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