Suzuki GS 500 - Roadster
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How to make a custom seat:
Suzuki GS 500 - Roadster
Suzuki GS 500 - Roadster
23 Oct 2021

How to make a custom seat:

Step 1: make a cage and an under tray to hide your battery and other electronics. That way your passenger doses not crush them with their butt or have their taint zapped

Step 2: make a template for the height / curve of your rear cowl

Step 3: Duct tape…. Lots of it pulled tight over everything. This will serve as your plug to fiberglass over top

Step 4: make a bracket to bolt down the seat by welding 2 bolts to a piece of steel. This will get laminated between layers of fiberglass

Step 5: Fiberglass, fiberglass, fiberglass. 3 to 4 layers. Pay attention to edges and cross match the grain

Step 6: let dry, pop it off the bike and trim out our seat pan.

Step 7: play with foam shapes.

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