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opening season
  • complain
Starting iceroadracing season and first time on the ice with this bike. First riding was awful but slowly I started to learn how to ride on the ice and with this bike. Bike feels great suspension wor... more
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A pitstop last summer
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Project #2. 07 Ttr125le
  • complain
Oh my. I got myself into it this time. I found a TTR125 listed for $250. She was a little beat up, but I went to look. First thing I see is it's missing the battery, kick, and front brake lever. T... more
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Day 46 - Swansea to Bridport - 330km
  • complain
Today was my day for creepy crawly's. It started as we were riding down Dolphin Sands Peninsula to take a look at Freycinet National Park and some large winged insect flew up the front of my helmet an... more
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My first project bike WR426f
  • complain
I am not a mechanic. I'm an electronic engineer and Network Engineer. But I dabble in lots of stuff, and I've been looking for a hobby I actually enjoy for a long time. After a trip to DurhamTown in G... more
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fun day sun day
  • complain
nice chill ride with good ppl... more
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the winter project
  • complain
added a nose cone, I think it finishes off the body work nicely. now, if the bloody weather would play ball I could get that front wheel done !!... more
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Day 45 - Sorell to Swansea - 261km
  • complain
Today was 100% dirt and we put some significant wear and tear on the bikes. We followed logging trails through the woods and up and down mountains. We turned down a particularly rough road trying to g... more
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Day 44 - Hobart to Sorell (via Port Arthur) - 175km
  • complain
I found something out about myself today while riding and listening to music. My speed relative to the speed limit is directly related to who I'm listening to. Below is a list of artists and there eff... more
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  • complain
A true vmax lover. More to see on my facebook.com/vmax1700... more
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Took my twins for a ride 😍
  • complain
I took my twin kids for a ride around, started to get a bit cooler in Bahrain after the burning summer. Time to ride and ride and then ride 🤪... more
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Almost ready to install all of the wirings... more
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Riding in West Africa
  • complain
Only one way to cross the border from Gabon to the Republic of Congo. This is a 280 km long mud road, when riding you hate it but now we love the adventure. If you're interested in seeing more check o... more
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Day 43 - Queenstown to Hobart - 278km
  • complain
I awoke to a loud boom and the room shaking as a violent thunderstorm rolled through. Then I remembered the old guy we rented a cabin from in Arthur River saying "Weathers changin', that NorWest... more
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Gopro hero black 8 test footage
  • complain
Sunday afternoon wind therapy on the m109r in katy Texas testing the new gopro hero black 8 after returning the gopro max... more
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Day 42 - Arthur River to Queenstown - 255km
  • complain
Chris: Hey pops, what did you think of today's ride? John: I crashed more today than I have in the past ten years of riding combined. Chris: It's good to be challenged isn't it! John:........... more
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Day 41 - Melbourne, Victoria to Arthur River, Tasmania - 337km
  • complain
I realised after looking at my beaten and dirty motorcycle that I have been riding around Australia for over two years with my first day being December 25th 2012. Whenever I finally make it home she w... more
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Weekend Run
  • complain
1000km run... more
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actually gutted!
  • complain
Well this happened in my way home from work.. Dunno if its a right off but safe to say I'm not biking for a while so it gets sorted, She didn't want me to go through insurance but not realising there'... more
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Day 40 - Fish Creek to Melbourne - 195kms
  • complain
Fish Creek, Victoria is a quiet place on Sunday mornings and we wandered around for about an hour until we accepted that nothing but the gas station was going to be open before 9AM. I resorted to eati... more
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check out this app when your next out riding
  • complain
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app.android.cync... more
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Day 39 - Mirboo to Fish Creek - 174kms
  • complain
After steak and eggs (pretty sure the steak was one of the cows I petted on my last trip here) we went on a Platypus expedition following the stream down the property line. We didn't see any Platypi b... more
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Crashed my bike
  • complain
Now I have to find some parts... That's what happens when you brake too hard on a wet track...... more
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This was a beautiful ride 🌲🌿
  • complain
Northern California coast 🌊... more
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first look
  • complain
First tim i got to take a look at my beamer... more
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