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Day 53 - Louth to Moree - 589km
  • complain
I woke up feeling a bit seedy from the night before and the bartender who served us beer all night was the same one to cook us breakfast in the morning. We hit the road and our progress was slowed by... more
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One Trick RD Cafe from the Denmark!
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I've been mad about 2 stroke bikes since the late 70's and have had a number of Yamaha RD's since 1981 all of which have been tuned and modified Cafe Racer style. Most saw action on the drag strip. I'... more
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K8 600 crush washer
  • complain
I was given this crush washer by the shop but it looks way different than a regular crush washer that I have used on the Hondas. I am going to do the oil change in a couple of days but just wanted to... more
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Always take time to admire the view
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Touring Wexford
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New bridge
  • complain
So the longest bridge in Ireland was just opened so we had to try it out and goof around just a couple of pictures of us goofing around... more
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Changing F800GT Tires, just wanted to share the experience.
  • complain
With less than 800 miles on the OE Metzeler Z8 Interact tires, which I really liked, I ran over a piece of steel that left a hole that couldn't be plugged. Originally, I had used a couple of spoons to... more
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Why do I ride?
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When the sun is out, the sky is blue, and the air is crisp with the first hints of spring I've already been riding. In the summer heat and scarlet sunsets of hot August I'm still riding. When the cloc... more
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Day 52 - Menindee to Louth - 391km
  • complain
The Robbery! While camping in New South Wales last night, I got robbed again. Last time it was on the coast when some bastard stole my helmet, gloves, money and sunnies. This time we caught them in th... more
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Random pics, need the sun to return soon.
  • complain
When I’m most happy, 2 wheels!!!... more
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Road to Italia 2019
  • complain
So, well, I don't even know how to start writing a blog, but I'll try to tell you about my adventures.First of all, I would like to go back and tell you how I got this crazy idea (it is more than 5000... more
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Day 51 - Angaston, South Australia to Menindee, New South Wales - 510km Chris versus Kangaroo!
  • complain
I made it all around Australia without any major wildlife issues and the day after finish I smack a kangaroo at full speed. I was just minding my own business on a remote dirt road North of Morgan whe... more
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Review and purchase history of the Yamaha TT 600E
  • complain
I first saw about this model in 2015, when I was looking for a motorcycle. Type I decided, it must be a cubature endure, so given the budget to $4000 the choice came down to the Kawasaki KLR, Yamaha X... more
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Hello everyone, I'm new here.
  • complain
Hello, my name is Roman, I have been living in Illinois since 1990. I've been riding a motorcycle since 2002. drove about 130,000 miles across the US. Until 2002, I thought that only crazy people ride... more
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Ninja 400
  • complain
anyone else into smaller bikes?... more
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A rude awakening after not racing mx for years
  • complain
Pretty rad day at Washougal MX After not being on a track in 10 years plus only riding twice this year I really expected to show up to washougal mx ready for a win and expected to have to milk the f... more
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Exhaust Leak Fixed
  • complain
Exhaust stripped back, resprayed and looking as new. Test it out next weekend.... more
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The line up
  • complain
Just washed all of them.... more
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Just got it back from an overhaul
  • complain
Haven’t ridden the old 2006 ktm 300 exc in 2 years and it needed the carbie and brakes done. Got it back now and all ready for the season! Looks pretty good for 14 years old... more
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Hd shots of my Yamaha R1 🔥✈️
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Day 50 - Kingston to Adelaide - 339km
  • complain
Today we completed the trip around Australia with our return to Angaston where it all began Christmas Day 2012. I put over 20,000 kilometres on the KTM, went through 10 tires, broke countless items, c... more
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Fun and games
  • complain
Started the rebuild today. first time rebuilding but someones been in there with a hammer before 😣 all good fun i suppose😁... more
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Dolly Parton challenge 😅
  • complain
What if my cb400 had his own pages on different social media. :) #dollypartonchallenge... more
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How to build your very own nx650 streettracker, Part #2
  • complain
The fuel tank on both bikes came from an early (1980's?????) Honda CG125 Which will require a small amount of work underneath on the tap side in order for the tank to sit down enough to get it level w... more
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Hello, new guy here.
  • complain
Hi my name is Jamie I'm new to this app not sure how all of it works but I'm willing to give it a go a while back a nice polite young woman who belongs to my group on Facebook Pittsburgh biker parlor... more
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