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For production cage , spent 2 weeks , everything was done independently... more
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Сustom tank brake fluid and brakes
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4 caliper from a 600RR 2008, one for the front and 3 for the back and 2 the caliper from the Kawa ZX10R reinforced hosescustom tank... more
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DELKEVIC Exhaust... more
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New toys
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New toys... more
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The first step was removing all the plastic (later selling it) in order to remove all the excess and just to further not to mess with him in the soldering of cracks and other... more
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Stock bike F4i
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my bike before the Stuntlife =)... more
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How it all began
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My list of things that I changed -Front forks from 1000RR inverted -Front wheel 1000RR -Front fender from a 1000RR -Lateral footstep custom -Cage -Dampers in the cage and Subcage and sliders -525 c... more
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Not to the max so far, but working on it
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175 so far, but trying to make it to the 186 ;)... more
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My track bike
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cbr 600 track bike... more
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Replacing the timing chain tensioner
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Replacement of timing chain tensioners: I bought : 1. Two hydraulic tensioner 2. Two gaskets under the belt 3. Two caps for tensioners 4. Four valve-flapper... more
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Change antifreeze
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1) 1 gallon of antifreeze Motul Factory Line, flush for Moto radiators liquimoly Motorbike Kuhler Reiniger , 2 gallons of distilled water and two OEM washers that the need put new when you change the... more
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Burnt chip
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During the inspection, electricians found only one burnt chip. This chip starter relay. but I have 2 problems , still only two ideas. The first is a sensor throttle position (which is not sold separa... more
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I started google on this problem, and everywhere write that there is a common mistake vfr800 2002-2006 . Weak mass and as a consequence heat up and melt some of the electrical connectors. I clearly we... more
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First ride !
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Perfect weather for the first ride !... more
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Season soon ! update for my baby !
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Before the season I bought for my baby 1)Spark plugs NGK CR9EIX 2)Reinforced brake hoses front+rear brand Hel 3)Fluid tanks front+back RIZOMA 4)Handle grip and the brake Rizoma 5)Oil Matul 7100 10w4... more
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